Leasing Opportunities

Argus 4 Location

With over 300 acres of property, Boundary Bay Airport has some of the most attractive real estate in the lower mainland for both aviation-related businesses and organizations in other sectors. Centrally located near major transportation routes, the airport offers convenience, affordable rates, and plenty of room to grow.

Whether you’re leasing airport hangarage, or designing a build-to-suit facility, you’ll find something interesting at Boundary Bay.

Size & Features

  • 28,298 sq. ft. hangar space with temperature and humidity controls
  • 4,451 sq. ft. office space for lease
    Functional design
  • Hangar door clearance is 139’-6” W x 28’-0” H
  • Interior hangar clearance to the underside of the structure is 29’-7 1/2″ at the lowest point and 33’-5” in the center of the hangar
  • Sound-proofed 8” thick steel stud wall between office and hangar, fully insulated and fire rated
  • Parking lot is 10,300 sq. ft. with (28) regular parking spots plus (1) accessible parking spot.


Boundary Bay Airport, 7850 Alpha Way, Delta, BC

An image depicting our hangarage near Vancouver

Land Use Plan

Alpha Aviation Inc. has developed a land use plan that respects aviation zoning requirements with consideration to environmental sustainment and optimal land use. As much as possible compatible industries are grouped and the servicing plan developed by the Corporation of Delta promotes orderly development.

Airside aprons and taxiways are planned to maximize land use and enable safe aircraft operations. Airside access is protected for Hanger development and industrial zoned lands are planned for non-airside locations.

Final land use and development approvals will consider the best use for airport lands but the intent is to maintain a flexible and evolving plan. Lot sizes can be varied to permit custom developments.

Land Use Plan

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