Squawk Ident Newsletter – Issue 3

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NavCanada Publication - September 2023

To the few who were here in the early 2000’s when the Tower released regular newsletters, this will feel familiar.

Welcome to the revival of Squawk Ident, a newsletter from the Boundary Bay Control Tower, aimed to promote safety at the airport through short articles on procedures, radio work, and good airmanship. We hope this information will give you a “behind-the-scenes” look at the operations in the Control Tower.

Squawk Ident – Issue 3 takes a look at:

  • The Big Safety Tip: Seeing Traffic
  • Exiting the Runway
  • Construction Updates
  • Reducing Frequency Congestion

The Big Safety Tip: Seeing Traffic

The biggest responsibility of a VFR pilot is to maintain their own separation from other aircraft. Boundary Bay ATC will provide traffic information within the zone to help you achieve visual separation with other aircraft.

Pilots should respond to all traffic information, including circuit sequencing, with the standard phraseology of “looking” or “traffic in sight.” This is an aviation best practice; do not respond with just your call sign.

If you lose sight of traffic, notify ATC immediately so we can point out traffic again. This is especially important in a congested airspace. Clear and prompt communication helps ensure everyone stays safe and separated.

The takeaway: “Looking” or “traffic in sight” are two very good standard phrases to respond to ATC traffic information. If you lose sight of traffic, advise ATC immediately. 

Exiting the Runway

Upon landing, keep your speed up to the next available exit as best as safely able to make space for another aircraft to takeoff or land behind you.

After exiting, leave enough room behind you for at least one more aircraft to vacate. Switch to ground frequency as you exit to obtain your taxi clearance and start taxiing as soon as safely able so that exits are not congested.

The takeaway: We want to keep traffic moving as expeditiously as possible. Please help by quickly exiting the runway at the first available exit and requesting for taxi as soon as possible.

Tower tours, newsletter feedback, and questions regarding Boundary Bay procedures may be directed to: PrepAIR_BC@navcanada.ca

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