Squawk Ident Newsletter – Issue 2

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NavCanada Publication - May 2023

To the few who were here in the early 2000’s when the Tower released regular newsletters, this will feel familiar.

Welcome to the revival of Squawk Ident, a newsletter from the Boundary Bay Control Tower, aimed to promote safety at the airport through short articles on procedures, radio work, and good airmanship. We hope this information will give you a “behind-the-scenes” look at the operations in the Control Tower.

Squawk Ident – Issue 2 takes a look at:

  • The Big Safety Tip: Avoiding Circuit Cut-offs
  • Safety is Everyone’s Business
  • Recent and Upcoming Changes

The Big Safety Tip: Avoiding Circuit Cut-offs
As the busiest general aviation airport in Canada, Boundary Bay had over 206,000 takeoffs and landings in 2022, of which over 128,500 were circuit movements. We recognize that circuits are a formative part in any pilot’s flight training; however, with a high volume of traffic, circuit cut-offs are a major safety concern. 

Safety is Everyone’s Business
Safety is NAV Canada’s top priority. Our goal is to be amongst the safest air navigation service providers in the world. To fulfill that goal, we need your help; safety in aviation will always be a collaborative effort between pilots and air traffic controllers.

Recent and Upcoming Changes
Limited Weather Information System (LWIS)
LWIS produces hourly reports on wind (mean, variability and gusts), temperature, dewpoint and altimeter.

New Departure and Arrival Routing into Pitt Meadows
Takeaway: New VFR routes at Pitt Meadows will help improve expediency and separation.

White Rock (WC) NDB Decommissioning
Takeaway: Pilots can expect changes to any procedure that currently useWCand XX NDB.

Seen from the Cab
We Check out this shot of a Pitts Special from last year’s airshow. We are thrilled for the return of the Boundary Bay Airshow on Saturday, July 22, 2023!
This year’s airshow promises will have even more thrilling performances, featuring the USAF A-10 Demonstration Team and many more. Also, don’t miss the opportunity to see the last airworthy example of a “Pathfinder” Boeing B-17 Flying Fortress on display.

Tower tours, newsletter feedback, and questions regarding Boundary Bay procedures may be directed to: PrepAIR_BC@navcanada.ca

Read the full issue here
Squawk Ident -Issue 2