Hangarage for Vancouver

Boundary Bay FBO has access to hangarage for overnight parking. In addition, hangarage with office space is leased to aviation companies for maintenance, training, and aircraft storage. Land is available for private hangar development.

Please contact Boundary Bay FBO to make arrangements.

Brand New Hangar and Office Space Available at Boundary Bay Airport

Size & Features

  • 28,298 sq. ft. hangar space with temperature and humidity controls
  • 4,451 sq. ft. office space for lease
    Functional design
  • Hangar door clearance is 139’-6” W x 28’-0” H
  • Interior hangar clearance to the underside of the structure is 29’-7 1/2″ at the lowest point and 33’-5” in the center of the hangar
  • Sound-proofed 8” thick steel stud wall between office and hangar, fully insulated and fire rated
  • Parking lot is 10,300 sq. ft. with (28) regular parking spots plus (1) accessible parking spot.
An image depicting our hangarage near Vancouver

For more information please contact us at leasing@alpha-aviation.ca