Phone: 604.946.5361
Phone (Toll Free): 1.866.946.2922

Aircraft Fueling


Boundary Bay Air Services provides full service aircraft fuelling with 100LL, Jet A, FSII (available upon request).

Fuel can be requested by Unicom (122.95) or by calling 604-318-9778 (bay fuel cell) or 604-952-2532 (FBO).


  Boundary Bay Fuel 122.95
  Summer Hours  Apr 01 to Sept 30  0700- 2030 Local
  Winter Hours  Oct 01 to Mar 31  0700-1930 Local


Latest Fuel Prices!


 AvGas Card Lock (self-serve)

 $1.60 incl. tax

 AvGas Full Serve

  $1.80 incl. tax


  $1.20 incl. tax

(All prices include tax)

Contract Fuel is available. Please pre-arrange fuel releases with AvFuel or World Fuel Services.